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The Charter of the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration's thesis

The Executive DBA, a step forward for your personal and/or professional plans

The preparation of a thesis for the Executive DBA must be a project inscribed with a level of personal and/or professional clarity, both in its goals and in its requirements. Individuals undertaking such a process must not only avidly participate in seminars, but must also provide clarity for their objectives and the means that they will use to achieve them.

The subject, feasibility, and direction of the Executive DBA thesis

The subject of one's thesis will ultimately lead to a final written product of quality that is both original and informative. The subject also dictates whether or not such a process is feasible within the timeframe of the Executive DBA program. This choice of a thesis is based on an agreement between the student and the professor. The professor is made part of this process due to his or her recognized expertise in the field of management research – they will direct the student in his or her search for information, choice of methodology, and overall planning. The student subsequently must agree to a schedule and a working pace. He or she has, vis-à-via the professor, a duty to provide information related to the progress of the thesis as well as any difficulties that are encountered along the way. Furthermore, the student must be proactive in managing the thesis project, and accordingly, monthly direction (at the initiative of the student) must be part of the process. The student must send a progress report to his or her directing professor before each of these monthly meetings.

The defense of the Executive DBA thesis

The student will be permitted to defend their Executive DBA thesis only after receiving written permission from the scientific committee and a affirming report from their directing professor. The thesis defense is a public event. The jury of the defense is composed of at least two professors from the program and one practitioner.

The publication of the Executive DBA thesis

Directing professors will advise students on how to best publish their work (book, article, case, online, etc.) following their defense.

Mediation procedure

If persistent problems arise between the student and the professors, the scientific advisor of the Executive DBA program will intervene.