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EDBA Students/Mohamed Bilal Messoud

Mohamed Bilal Messoud

Mohamed Ould Bilal Messoud is an engineer by training and holds a master's degree in management sciences. He has over 24 years of experience in the field of engineering and business management. During his professional career, he held important technical and administrative positions and directed several public and private companies in Mauritania.

Mr. Messoud was Director of Urban Infrastructure, National Director of Public Works, Minister of Infrastructure, Urban Planning, and Housing, respectively, before successively heading an industrial company for the production and sale of plaster (SAMIA - Société Arabe des Industries Métallurgiques [Arab Society for Metallurgical Industries]), a company involved in public works and in charge of the construction of buildings, roads and water supply (ATTM - Société d’Assainissement, des Travaux, de Transport et de Maintenance [Company for Sanitation of Construction, Transportation and Maintenance]) as well as the national electricity company (SOMELEC - Société Mauritanienne d’Electricité [Mauritian Electricity Company) in charge of the production, transport and marketing of electricity in Mauritania. He is currently a senior consultant in a technical expertise agency.

For him, the DBA will provide a way to deepen, conceptualize. and document his professional experience, in particular regarding the operational follow-up of the implementation of infrastructure projects. A doctoral degree will also allow him to enhance his personal and professional status and to strengthen his managerial skills and competence. His thesis investigates the major factors influencing the non-respect of deadlines and the quality of construction projects in Mauritania.