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EDBA Students/Mahamat Issein Bardi

Mahamat Issein Bardi

Mahamat Issein Bardi, Chadian, has an MBA in Human Resources, a degree in Computer Science and a Computer Engineering degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Yamoussoukro-Cote d'Ivoire.

He has accumulated 26 years of experience at the African Development Bank (ADB), including 16 years in ICT and 10 years in conference and meeting services where he is responsible for planning, organizing events, conference infrastructures and technology.

He is part of the 2nd Cohort from IAE Lyon, France, and CESAG Dakar, Senegal, and is currently preparing his DBA. His research topic is in the process of being defined and will focus on a new field not yet fully explored. This area requires extensive technical capabilities, in terms of analytical skills, knowledge of scalable technology and conference infrastructure, skills in planning, organizing, and in procurement of goods and services.

The DBA is a unique opportunity for him to develop the sum of the knowledge and experience acquired in professional life into scientific and academic knowledge.