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EDBA Students/Frédéric Schwaller

Frédéric Schwaller

Frederic SchwallerProf. Frédéric Schwaller is a Intercontinental Entrepreneur, a trainer coach, a consultant, an advisor, professor; manager offering wide knowledge on procurement negotiation, mediation, arbitration, conflict resolution, sourcing strategies, change management, pedagogy fond of entertainment and excellence. Passion, eagerness to learn and share mixed with cross-cultural leadership capabilities allowed Frederic to train over 1500 Procurement, Commercial, IT, Finance, HR executives.

He delivered over 800 days face to face training in 3 languages around the globe. Facilitator, moderator, trainer, professor, enabling change within MNC's and SME's towards stakeholder advocacy, talent development and tangible project delivery. Frederic is the chief executive officer of Zabojad.com, he created the training programs Happy Sharing-Happy Inside & Happy Sharing Happy Outside.

His Executive Doctorate with the Business Science Institute aims to present a book relating his experience on Procurement Negotiation Strategies and ecosystems transformations.