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EDBA Students/Diaga Basse

Diaga Basse

Diaga Basse is an engineer in Computer Science and Civil Aviation Engineer. He also holds an MBAIP (MBA International Paris) from the University of Paris Dauphine and a Master's Degree in Aviation and Air Traffic Management from the National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) in Toulouse. In this capacity, he has worked at Thales Air Systems (Rungis) where he conducted research on the deployment of ADS-B sensors in addition to RADAR stations for a comprehensive coverage of West African airspace surveillance.

Basse capitalizes on nearly twenty years a professional experience. He began his career as an Air Traffic Controller in 1997 and for seven years he worked in the Dakar Regional Control Center and then in the Dakar Control Tower. Having become an engineer for the study and use of civil aviation and operations, he has held all the executive functions in Air Navigation Operations at the Dakar Center before being put in charge of the Air Navigation of ASECNA in Senegal.

He is responsible for designing, supervising, and coordinating all air traffic management activities in the airspace entrusted to the Dakar Center.

His research focuses on the factors determining the occurrence of incidents in the management of air traffic, using the case of the Dakar air traffic control center.