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Doctors/Dr. MAMANE Zeinabou Sanda

Dr. MAMANE Zeinabou Sanda

Advisor to the Director of the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) and to the Institute of Monetary Emissions in Niger.

Supervisor: Boubacar Baidari


Strategies for fighting against vulnerability in rural zones through the mobilisation of communities and social projects in Niger: the case of Ifara.

Humanitarian crises keep increasing in complexity, due to their multiple characteristics and ongoing poverty. Adding together these issues brings back the need to search for suitable strategies to fight against vulnerability. Current work aims at identifying proper actions and particularly those best applicable in rural communities which are the most exposed to vulnerability. While silence and ignorance both contribute to maintaining precarious conditions, media coverage leads to the mobilisation of actors. In this work, three main variables have been highlighted: vulnerability, mobilization strategies and projects, all of which enhanced knowledge about the struggle against vulnerability. Field research confirms similarities in vulnerabilities, and that projects contribute to reducing insecurity. Mobilisation is more oriented to projects coming from outside, which hide the potential capacity of communities. The determinants of the capacity of community mobilisation are identified through surveys and interviews. The above-mentioned determinants are related to: -

1. Attachment to the living environment
2. Project prioritizing by villagers
3. Desired support
4. Knowledge of the funding sources
5. Restoring associations’ credibility
6. Transparency in the management of contributions

Keywords: Social projects, Vulnerability, Mobilisation strategy, Community