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Doctors/Dr. BOURBON Sébastien

Dr. BOURBON Sébastien

Director – IFIC Real Estate Group/ Expert at Lyon Court of Appeal

Supervisor: Jean-Philippe Denis


The positioning of the real estate agent on the new-build housing market: Learning to capitalize on asymmetric knowledge.

Facing the transformation of asymmetry on the new-build housing market, real estate managers are having to reinvent themselves. Based on a managerial perspective, this doctoral research uses a tool that evaluates the asymmetry between different types of knowledge. This tool works in three steps: 1) identify and measure this asymmetry between the agent and their contact person, 2) propose a positioning for the agent matching the identified asymmetry, and 3) propose knowledge management measures to be taken according to the required positioning.
This evaluation tool is like a Swiss army knife that the manager can use. Its multiple features make it a tool for decision-making, the evaluation of teams and clients, communications and marketing. By evaluating the asymmetries of procedural knowledge, skills, expertise and experience, the matrix makes the transition of the estate agency towards a learning organisation based on iterative internal communications and a logic of collective learning.
More broadly, the tool that evaluates the asymmetry between different types of knowledge contributes to an organisational and managerial culture that is more client and service oriented rather than based on the offer and product. In other words, the aim is to develop a servuction approach making real estate mediation closer to the demand and more distant from the offer.

Keywords: Asymmetry, Real estate, Knowledge, Matrix, Knowledge management.