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Doctors/Dr. BEN ALI Mohsen

Dr. BEN ALI Mohsen

Mohsen Ben Ali  – Tunis

Thesis subject

Evaluation of spin-off practices in the context of corporate social responsibility – The experience of the STEG in the Tunisian public sector 

Thesis summary

Since the 2005 law on company spin-off practices in Tunisia and the signature of the 2006 spin-off charter, some major public companies, such as the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG), were selected as pilot companies to develop this practice. The challenge is identifying the success factors in spin-off practices in the Tunisian public sector, using the case of the STEG.

The objective of this research is to assess the relevance and performance of this practice among spin-off project promoters. A grid analysis and a research model are proposed following a review of the literature, enriched by the professional expertise of the author as a former Director of the STEG spin-off structure. Though scarce, the literature on swarming practices makes it possible to clarify the concepts and rely on a typology of practices (Daval, 2000, Brenet, 2000, Laviolette, 2005, Gauthier, Berger-Douce, 2013). The analysis grid and the research model are then tested with a confirmatory study based on a questionnaire administered to 30 STEG spin-off companies. The results show the importance of the pre-implementation phase on the success of a spin-off project, the main improvements to be made in terms of monitoring and follow-up, cooperation between the company and the spin-off company, as well as the provision of financial and communication resources.