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Doctors/Dr. FOFANA Mallé Ibn Aboubakry

Dr. FOFANA Mallé Ibn Aboubakry

French Office Managing Director for Africa – R.M.D.A

Supervisor: Alain Burlaud


Individual and collective mobilization as a major challenge for public administrations. The case of the Ministry of the Environment in Senegal.

Individual and collective mobilization is important in the process of the transformation and development of an organization. The Senegalese administration has undergone several reforms since the 1960s, where changes are almost invisible with several failures of projects and development programs due to unclear objectives and human resources that are not mobilized. Also, the presence for several years of international firms whose approaches and solutions are sometimes unsuited to their realities end-up with recommendations that do not always lead to the expected results. The objective of this research is to understand the levers to be considered in the context of individual and collective mobilization, particularly during a reform process as well as issues related to the non-contextualization of management tools. The results highlight the importance of an abstract "non-managerial" dimension through aspects such as commitment, adhesion that manifests itself through consideration of culture, religion, family and politics. The contextualization of management tools remains essential for better results. The mode and the manner of conveying a message, communications, is examined and shows its weaknesses as time goes by thus questioning its performativity.

Keywords: Managerial practices, Management tools, Contextualization, Human resource management, Public management, Mobilization, Environment.