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Doctors/Dr. BARDI Mahamat Issein

Dr. BARDI Mahamat Issein

Mahamat Issein Bardi: Computer Engineer, DESS, MBA, with Thirty (30) years of professional experience at the African Development Bank (AfDB) in ICTs and the planning and organization of conferences and meetings. He is currently Chief Conference and Meeting infrastructures Officer.

In September 2020, he successfully presented and defended an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) thesis on "the roles of Technological Communication Tools (TCT) in strategic meetings: use case of the AfDB”, under the supervision of Professor Jessie Pallud, University Professor in Management Sciences at the Strasbourg School of Management and member of the HuManiS Laboratory.

Thesis supervised by : Jessie Pallud


The role of ICT in strategic meetings: The case of the African Development Bank.

Our research questions the role of Technological Communication Tools in strategic meetings within our institution: the African Development Bank (AfDB). Indeed, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in general, and communication tools in particular, have experienced rapid development and are becoming more and more important in a context of globalization and the information age. However, as scientific studies have shown, these communication tools can play different roles in communications within organizations.

To carry out our research, we mobilized two theories and adopted a qualitative methodology based on participant observation in the situation of several strategic meetings and a survey carried out through an open questionnaire administered to employees of the African Development Bank headquarters (Abidjan – Ivory Coast).

We were thus able to verify our three research proposals and appreciate the delicate and imperative need for Institutions such as the AfDB to use ICTs during their strategic meetings, and this, in a globalized international context. In addition, our thesis also points out the limits and barriers to the use of ICTs in the AfDB context. Also, having suffered the full impact of the health crisis caused by the COVID 19, we have taken this exceptional context into account to study the forced transition to fully virtual meetings. We present the impacts of this crisis on the organization and execution of work within the AfDB.

We end our study by presenting the limits of the thesis, but also the managerial and operational recommendations that stem from it.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies, web conferencing, virtual meetings, Media Richness Theory, Interaction Process Analysis (IPA).