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Doctors/Dr. N'DRI Kouamé François

Dr. N'DRI Kouamé François

Human Resource Management Consultant. Professor at ESATIC (African School of ICT).


Youth employability difficulties in the Ivory Coast: a field study of stakeholders.

This research focuses on the employability of recent graduates in the Ivory Coast. It aims to identify the causes and the solutions to their difficulties in finding work.
We investigated this issue through an approach by stakeholders in the Ivorian labour market. We therefore relied on Freeman's (1984) stakeholder theory and other theoretical perspectives.
The different actors in the Ivorian labour market have been grouped into four distinct groups: jobseekers, job providers, training institutions and employment promotion institutions. They will be categorized according to Mitchell's typology (1997).
Our study takes into account a field survey of different groups of stakeholders. This allowed us to identify factors that promote youth employability. These include age, the training pathway, job search methods and the possession of specific skills. We also identified causes and solutions to the difficulties of employing recent graduates. The main causes mentioned are the lack of skills of job seekers, the lack of job opportunities, the opacity of the job market and the lack of mastery of job search techniques. As part of the solutions, the interviewed stakeholders agree on the follow-up by job seekers of complementary training, entrepreneurship and a stronger involvement of the State to boost the professional integration of recent graduates.
Finally, at the end of our work, taking into account both our literature review and the proposals of the stakeholders, we made recommendations for two types of actions: at the institutional level and at the individual level of the applicants. These are managerial implications that can contribute to the efforts of the authorities to stem youth unemployment but also serve as guidelines for recent graduates in their quest for employment.

Keywords: Stakeholders, Employment, Unemployment, Employability, Youth, Entrepreneurship, Job training adequacy