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Doctors/Hassoumi ASSOUMANA


Hassoumi Assoumana, from Nigeria, holds a business degree from Liège in Commercial and Financial Sciences and CESAG Dakar in Audit and Management Control.

He began his professional career in public education before joining the Nigerian National Society of Water (SNE), which will become a subsidiary of Veolia after his privatization. He has held senior management positions, from financial controller to HRD and DCF. In 2008, he joined the Multilateral Regulatory Authority (ARM) as a Financial Analyst and in 2013 he was appointed Chief Accountant and Financial Officer, following the transformation of ARM into ARTP. Since June 2016, he has been the Head of the Department “Studies and Prospective”.

Working with the Business Science Institute is a great opportunity for me to realize my dreams because it provides me with the chance to pursue my doctorate:

- under the supervision of a network of internationally renowned professors,

- without leaving my position,

- only being absent five (5) weekends throughout the programme,

- in pursuit of research resulting from my experiences and directly related to my professional practice.

I will also have the chance to defend my thesis before an international academic jury and, if possible, to have it published. This will enhance the image of my institution and showcase its regulatory practices.

His research focuses on the link between the organization of the Telecom Regulation Authority (ART) and the development of the telecom sector. Specifically, he asks whether the connection between the ART and the performance of the telecom sector is really tight or whether it is a mere illusion.


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