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Doctors/Dr. ABLE Guy François

Dr. ABLE Guy François

Tax Inspector, Ivory Coast.

Thesis Summary

Religious identity and Management in the Ivory Coast: An exploratory study of Human Resource Managers at private companies based in Abidjan.

Nowadays, private companies in the Ivory Coast are impacted by situations that show the importance of the co-evolution of religion and the practice of one’s profession. Therefore, in this debate on the return of religion in organizations, how can the HRMs of these private companies successfully lead employees to dissociate their religious identities (which seem to give them more assurance) from their professional identities in the practice of business (unstable position)!? Is the former possible in the Ivory Coast, a country whose literature indicates that since 1990, 91.8% of the Ivorian population have a religious identity? Research on the realities of the religious identity of employees in private companies in the Ivory Coast justifies the present thesis whose research question is: In what way is the religious identity of employees problematic, or not, for Human Resource Managers in private companies in the Ivory Coast? The exploratory research approach used analyzes the questions of employees' religious identity, different opinions and the treatment of the phenomenon by HRMs. This analysis shows that various HRM trends exist to deal with situations that managers find more or less problematic. The corpus of analysis of this survey, consisting of interviews with 51 managers from a variety of companies, was processed by Sphinx iQ2 data software in order to provide consolidated results. Furthermore, the discussion of our results offered the perspective of proposing a management approach for religious employees to better understand the management of religious identities in the private sector in the Ivory Coast.

Keywords: Ivory Coast, Religion, Religious Identity, Private Enterprises, HR Managers, Management, Employees.