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Doctors/Dr. DJAOUTI Fayçal

Dr. DJAOUTI Fayçal

Advisor to the Senior Management Team for Europe/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Supervisor: Yvon Pesqueux


Using ‘Lean Management’ as a basis for change management to improve operations at public cultural organisations. The example of its use at the Algerian Cultural Centre in Paris.

Despite their vocation and objective of ensuring a public service in the context of the implementation of the State's cultural policy, public cultural organizations tend to adopt organizational and management methods previously reserved for production companies, in a quest to achieve the objectives of quality of cultural products and organizational improvement. Since "culture is increasingly subject to market rationality", an improvement approach based on the principles of "Lean-Management", through its success in manufacturing companies, is a pragmatic method for seeking competitiveness by offering better products and services to users.
The multitude of organizational change projects in cultural enterprises leaves many actors on the ground feeling weary and lacking motivation, and even resisting the many initiatives of this type launched by leaders.
This doctoral research project demonstrates that the improvement of cultural organizations depends first and foremost on the development of people, their training and their preparation for new projects in order to involve them in change projects that used unusual management tools.
Through a change ‘scenario’, we tested a model adapted to the desired objectives. The ‘Steering Committee’ took part in an initial pilot exercise, which led to the sharing of knowledge and feedback between the main stakeholders.
This approach was carried out between 2015 and 2017 at the Algerian Cultural Centre in Paris (CCA) and focused on the "construction/reconstruction" of people, which was illustrated by visible findings of improvements at the individual, collective and organizational levels. Thanks to this research, public cultural organizations should no longer be considered as places of entertainment, but as spaces for organization, training and knowledge sharing. The choice of the Lean Method as a tool for improving public cultural organizations has made it possible to conduct a global therapy and build organizational frameworks that have led to an improvement in the quality of the cultural service, without burdening the Centre's budget or reducing staff.

Keywords: Public management, Knowledge management, Cultural management, Incremental innovation, Public organization, Organizational transformation, Quality, Public, Services, Satisfaction, Users.