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Doctors/Dr. TAHARI Fadoua

Dr. TAHARI Fadoua

Chartered Accountant DPLE.

Supervisor: Khadija Al Arkoubi


Leadership practices in Moroccan organisations: the influence of national culture.

Moroccan organizations are facing challenges of competition in a global world. They need effective leadership that can lead them to performance. Therefore, leaders are in need of more knowledge about how to influence their employees in the direction of their organizations' goals. Western theories fail to address fully this issue. Moroccans have different expectations about leadership, as the national culture has an undeniable influence on leadership practices. This thesis focuses on understanding the peculiarities of Moroccan culture and its influence on Moroccan leadership. The analysis carried out by a triangulation between the data collected by autoethnography and interviews with Moroccan leaders has resulted in conclusions on the extent to which Moroccans sanctify family and religion and suffer from a tension between modernity and tradition. Research explored the link between low human development and institutional failures and the importance of trust in the relationship between leaders and collaborators. The research findings examine how leaders use cultural and religious codes to create trust and respect in order to lead employees toward the goals of the organization.

Keywords: National culture, Leadership, Values, Trust.