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Doctors/Dr. MWEWA WA MWEWA Didier


Programme Specialist at the International Organisation for Francophonie.


The strategic role of proactive facilitation for interface managers. Understanding, training and implementation in the context of national level Francophonie.

The interface manager is often confronted with the problem of choosing which strategic posture to adopt in order to better coordinate inter-organizational exchanges. This thesis presents proactive facilitation as a dialogical practice that allows the interface manager to coordinate managerial situations in tension between the global/local couple and the internal coherence/external relevance couple. This dialogical practice should be favoured by interface managers as the backbone of their work instead of unipolar practices that are often ineffective in inter-organizational relations.
This thesis covers the fields of strategic management and intermediate leadership using the Francophonie at the national level as a research context. The general theory: "generalized dia-logic", and three intermediate theories: "the daily roles of the manager ", "leadership based on values" and "the involvement of actors in collective action" are used.
The research is positioned in the pragmatic constructivist epistemological paradigm and, through an inductive approach, uses qualitative analyses on the two case studies conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Togo.
With a transformative focus, the research results propose three types of contribution: (i) academic, by providing elements of understanding of proactive facilitation; (ii) methodological on the construction of interface manager leadership in inter-organizational exchanges; and (iii) managerial, by making recommendations on generic conditions for the implementation of proactive facilitation.

Keywords: Proactive facilitation, Interface manager, National Francophone ecosystem, Benevolent coordination, National Francophonie and intermediate leadership.