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Doctors/Dr. BOUTAMO Ahmed


Geopolitical and Strategy Advisor/ Senior International Development Advisor

Supervisor: Sébastien Point


Applying a ‘modelling approach’ to development in a multi-actor organisational system in a constrained context with a dominant governing body. Private civil aviation. The case of an airline company.

Civil aviation is currently influenced by a serious crisis, especially for business planes. Since 2010, as a stakeholder in this area, we have seen many bankruptcies of business plane companies. The case of Morocco is interesting given the dialogic of the development of the aviation sector on the one hand (to achieve ambitious objectives), and aircraft grounded due to the non-delivery of flight authorizations on the other. This duality leads to a poor business environment and to communication breakdowns, which increases the number of conflicts.
Throughout this thesis, our goal is to understand the causes of these conflicts. To investigate our research question, we consider propositions and hypothesis embedded in our research field. Our conceptual framework is based on a selected literature review and an inductive methodological approach

Keywords: Coordination, Trust, Dialogue, Ethics, Private civil aviation, Inter and intra organizational, Interaction, Systemic approach, System, DGCA, ICAO, Aircraft manufacturer, Air operator, Aeronautical authorization, AOC, Economic model, Model, Concept, Conflict, Inductive approach.