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Doctors/Dr. BELLALI Abderrahmane

Dr. BELLALI Abderrahmane

Director - SOPRI

Supervisor: Ulrike Mayrhofer


Workforce planning and talent management: the case of the car manufacturers in the Tangiers region.

The transformation of organizations and human capacities on the one hand and the new expectations of stakeholders on the other, have an impact on the current human resource (HR) function. This means that the traditional activities of the HR function must change and take into account the transformations of its context in many areas, be they economic, technological or sociological. We are gradually seeing the expansion of the field of the HR function to territories.
We explore in this research the mechanisms to construct a workforce planning and talent management approach (GPEC) deployed in a given territory as well as in the automotive sector in Tangiers, Morocco. In particular, we explore the convergence of resources belonging to equipment manufacturers, themselves subsidiaries of multinationals through the GPEC approach. In order for the GPEC approach to be territorial, it is important to formalize the conditions of collaboration between equipment manufacturers and local institutions to instil dynamism and socio-economic stability in both the territory and the companies in the automotive sector.

Keywords: Systemic change, Talent management tools, Territory, Cooperation, Mutualisation.