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Online Executive DBA (English)/Digital DBA courses

Digital DBA courses


Here's a list of courses and their professors:

  • Building a DBA Thesis
    Prof. Walsh (SKEMA) & Prof. Kalika (BSI)
  • Doing Management Research
    Prof. Josserand (UTS, Sydney)
  • Empirical Research
    Prof. Moscarola (professor emeritus, Savoie-Mont-Blanc University)
  • Research in Organisations
    Prof. Walsh (SKEMA) & Prof. Kalika (BSI)
  • Different Research Approaches (philosophy of science)
    Prof. Lavastre (BSI, IAE Grenoble)
  • Classic Grounded Theory
    Prof Holton (SKEMA) & Prof Walsh (SKEMA)
  • Research in Entrepreneurial Decision Making
    Prof. Mourmant (IESEG School of Management)
  • Qualitative Research Methods
    Prof. Mitev (professeur emeritus, Kings College London)
  • Research in International Business
    Prof. Mayrhofer (IAE Nice)
  • Research in Project Management
    Prof. Gardiner (SKEMA) & Prof. Turner (SKEMA)
  • Research in Marketing
    Prof. Goudarzi (IAE Lyon and University of Aix-Marseille)
  • Doing a Literature Review
    Prof. Okoli (SKEMA)
  • Systemic Complexity Strategy
    Prof. Cloutier (ESG UQAM Montreal)
  • Research in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources
    Prof. Potosky (Pennsylvania State University Great Valley)