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Application/Submit your application

Submit your application

The online application includes the following documents:

 Your application must be COMPLETE.  Check that each file follows this pattern: name_number_name of the file_group

For EXAMPLE: gordon_1_application form_Luxembourg3, and so on.

1 - Completed application form
2 - A detailed CV* (PDF)
3 - A digital photograph (JPG 3cmx3cm)
4 - Highest diploma or certificate received (only one) - A verification will be made by the educational support. (PDF)
5 -  A copy of your passport (PDF)
6 - Transcripts from your MBA (or equivalent) (PDF)
7 - Proposed (not final) thesis subject** for your Executive DBA (between 3 and 5 pages) (PDF)
8 - Cover letter (PDF)
9 - Employer’s certificate (PDF)
10 - IAE Application file (filled/signed – please insert photo) (PDF)
11 - Copy of €150 application fee swift (PDF)

  • in case of acceptance, the application fee are due per group. Should you apply for another DBA group, you will have to pay another €150 application fee.

* Please indicate the following on the top of your CV: your current profession moment (name of your firm, position, country), total years of managerial experience, the last and highest diploma you obtained.

** For your information, the DBA thesis project proposal, which must be included in the application, may include:

  1. The title of the research project
  2. The planned area of research
  3. The managerial interest of the research topic for the candidate
  4. The importance and relevance of the DBA thesis project
  5. The a list of works pertaining to the topic
  6. The proposed research methodology, specifying how the candidate will gain access to the field
  7. The bibliography of texts already read

Payment of the €150 application fee:
The application fee can be paid by bank transfer or with PayPal (secured payment).

Once your payment has been carried out, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal.

You must indicate on the first page : your firstname and name; the group (Paris, Dakar...) ; the cohort number; and the title as well as the date.

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