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Academic Resources/Research Themes

Research Themes

For more extensive information on possible research themes, consult l'Observatoire des thèses en sciences de gestion 2011, coordinated by Professor Sebastian Point (a member of the International Council of the Business Science Institute and published by FNEGE.

This list of themes is incomplete, as the choice of subject during the Executive DBA program is the result of the student's experience, data, and the approval of his or her research director:

  • Impact of e-commerce on distribution strategies
  • The effects of Islamic finance on banks
  • Managerial information overload
  • New business models
  • Business creation by managers
  • How can funds be raised during times of crisis?
  • Relocation strategies
  • Outsourcing and IT strategies
  • Consumer behavior in emerging countries
  • Trust in international partnerships
  • International management and culture
  • How to innovate in large companies
  • The management of healthcare organizations
  • Social management and the crisis
  • Social management in emerging countries
  • Private and professional life
  • The integration of Generation Y into organizations
  • Organizational design without borders
  • Purchases and corporate social responsibility
  • The management of sustainable development in companies
  • Consumers and sustainable development
  • Corporate social responsibility and its implementation
  • Financialization and corporate strategy
  • International merger or international partnership?
  • Virtual management

Remember, this list is by no means exhaustive – your topic is your choice.