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Archive for June 2016

Véronique Zardet is Professor of Management Science at the Institute of Business Administration at the University Jean Moulin Lyon, where she directs the EUGINOV (School of Innovative Management) and the ISEOR research center. She is responsible for the Master's program for Research in Socio-Economic Management. She holds a doctorate in Management Science from the University of Lyon.

Along with Henri Savall, in 2001, she was awarded the prestigious Rossi Award by the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences (Institut de France), for their work on the integration of social variables in business strategies. Her research focuses on driving strategic change and the improvement of socio-economic performance in enterprises and organizations, particularly in public services and the health sector.

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Marc Valax is Assistant Professor in Management Science, certified to supervise research at IAE Lyon where he directs the MA/MBA General Management. His teaching is in international HR management and recruitment, employment and training. He did his research in the human resources research group of the Magellan Center.

His research approaches are both qualitative and longitudinal. He has published numerous articles in international journals, such as Management International, RFG as well as the Asian Business and Management Journal. He has also contributed to many books: “Les dissonances dans l’application de la RSE au niveau local en Amérique Latine, application à la gestion des cadres expatriés seniors” [The dissonance in the implementation of CSR at the local level in Latin America, applied to the management of senior expatriate managers], in: J. P. Dupuy, Dynamiques du management international [The dynamics of international management], Ed EMS, Paris 2016, “Getting to best multinationals strategy in Asia: The case study of GE's performance management success”, in : B. Andreosso and B. Zulin, The Globalization of Asian markets : implications for Multinational Investors, Ed. Routledge, London, 2016 and “Les relations de pouvoir des cadres dirigeants expatriés, comment surmonter les obstacles ethnoculturels locaux ?” [Power relations of expatriate executives, how to overcome local ethno-cultural barriers?] in: P.X. Meschi, F. PREVOT, Economies émergentes/ économies matures. Enjeux pour le management international [Emerging Economies / mature economies. Challenges for international management], Vuibert, Paris 2016.

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Denis Travaillé is a Professor at IAE Lyon and Director of the Magellan Research Center, in which is also responsible for the Management research axis and for CSR.

Director of the Master of Finance at IAE Lyon, his teaching areas include management control, production management and cost accounting management. His research focuses on management control, dashboards, CSR and management control and integrated supply chains.

He has co-written several books, notably with Y. Dupuy, Les bases de la comptabilité analytique de gestion [Basics of cost accounting management] 3rd Edition, Economica, 2013 as well as Les bases du contrôle de gestion [Basics of management control], Economica, 2014. He also coordinated collective works such as Les systèmes de gestion entre simplification et complexification – Mélanges en l’honneur du Professeur Yves Dupuy [Management systems between simplification and complexification – Collected essays in honor of Professor Yves Dupuy] with G. Naro, Economica, 2015 and La responsabilité sociétale des organisations, Des discours aux pratiques?, [The social responsibility of organizations. From Discourse to praxis] with J.P. Gond and E. Bayle, Vuibert, 2014. He has also published numerous articles in scientific and professional journals. His latest article “Unicité et pluralité des tableaux de bord organisationnels” [Uniqueness and plurality of organizational dashboards], co-written with Y. Dupuy was published in the journal Recherches en Sciences de Gestion [Research in Management Science], no. 107 in 2015.

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Henri Savall is Professor at the Institute of Business Administration, Jean Moulin University Lyon, where he founded the EUGINOV center(School of Innovative Management)and the Master's program in Socioeconomic ManagementHe founded and chairs the ISEOR research center.

Professor Savall has multidisciplinary training and his main fields of interest are management control, finance, political science, linguistics, economics, and economic history. His current areas of interest are the socioeconomic theory, strategic management, the qualimetric methodologies and tetra-normalization. His methodology addresses "intervention-research" and quality measurement, which go beyond traditional action-research. He and Professor Véronique Zardet were awarded the famous Rossi Award by the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences (Institut de France) for their work on the integration of social variables in business strategies.

He founded and directs the journal Recherches en Sciences de Gestion – Management Sciences – Ciencias de Gestión (part of Management Science Review), in Paris and Lyon.

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Skema Business School

On 6 June 2016 at La Défense Paris, Alice Guilhon, Director of SKEMA Business School & Michel Kalika, President of Business Science Institute signed a partnership agreeing to set up a Doctorate in Business Administration by distance learning. This programme, taught entirely in English, is set to start in early 2017. It responds to the international demand from managers holding an MBA or equivalent and who want to get a new perspective on their professional experience, create knowledge and defend a doctoral thesis before a panel of international examiners.

The doctorate programme runs over three years and is dispensed via blended learning – a mix of online resources (videos, intranet, bibliographical references) - and individualised distance tutoring. The course content is created by a team of about ten professors from both partner institutions. Each module is organised into “knowledge pods” that course participants cover at their own pace. A dedicated doctorate support team will be available to each doctoral candidate/manager for information and consultation at a distance. This pedagogical approach to the DBA is innovative and will be supported by SKEMA’s KCenter (Knowledge Center) and Business Science Institute faculty.

For Michel Kalika who is also a professor at the IAE LYON, “This partnership is based on our shared view of globalised academic training in Executive Education and the need to innovate rapidly with a solution for managers unable to attend face-to- face training groups. The two establishments are in total synergy – SKEMA with its six campuses, three of which are abroad, and Business Science Institute with its experience of running distance DBAs and its professors - and both want to move forward quickly”.

For Alice Guilhon: “This DDBA responds to a strong demand from international managers who want to study at doctoral level. A bended learning programme offers an excellent way to combine SKEMA’s innovative developments and the efficient performance of global companies. This DBA consolidates SKEMA’s innovative range of Executive Education programmes for managers all over the world, helping them to address the challenges of the knowledge economy.”

SKEMA Partenariat
Alice Guilhon and Michel Kalika

About SKEMA Business School :
Avec plus de 7 200 étudiants et 35 000 diplômés, SKEMA Business School est une école globale qui, par sa recherche, ses programmes d’enseignement, sa structure multi sites internationale forme et éduque les talents dont ont besoin les entreprises du XXIe siècle. L’école est présente sur 6 sites : 3 en France (Lille, Sophia-Antipolis, Paris), 1 en Chine (Suzhou), 1 aux Etats- Unis (Raleigh) et 1 au Brésil (Belo Horizonte). SKEMA bénéficie de la double accréditation EQUIS et AACSB.

About Business Science Institute :
The Business Science Institute is a higher education establishment created in 2012. The Business Science Institute network hopes to become an institution of international reference for preparing a DBA (Doctorate in Business 1 Administration.). Business Science Institute has a scientific committee comprising over 90 professors qualified to supervise doctoral research. The DBA programme currently has 70 manager-doctoral candidates. Groups of manager- candidates have been opened in Luxembourg, Geneva, Paris, Tunis, Dakar and near Montreal. Business Science Institute is approved by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education and its students are registered for the qualification of DBA, both with the Business Science Institute and with the IAE Lyon (University Jean Moulin).

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