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Archive for September 2015

In management, a science of action, can the creation of knowledge
also come from practitioners or is it exclusively reserved to academics?

In the book ”La création de connaissance par les managers” [The creation of knowledge by managers], published under the editorial direction of Paul Beaulieu and Michel Kalika, a team reflects on the capacity of managers to create managerial knowledge.

September 2015Business Science Institute, an international institution of higher education whose objective is to develop an Executive DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) at an international level, is launching a collection with the publishing house Editions Management & Société (EMS) that targets managers and doctoral students. This collection, which is based on the production of knowledge by managers, proposes publications by professors as well as doctoral theses written by the managers-candidates in the Business Science Institute. Following Isabelle Walsh’s contribution “Découvrir de nouvelles théories : une approche mixte et enracinée dans les données” [Discovering new theories: a hybrid approach rooted in data] (July 2015) in the same collection, the authors aim to demonstrate that the creation of knowledge, generally speaking, cannot only emerge from an academic environment. Managers, confronted on a daily basis with new and complex situations requiring decisions, really contribute to the production of knowledge.

This book, enriched by the diversity of the views presented by a team of authors, who are academics and managers, is divided into three parts:

  • The first part presents the key dimensions that are the basis for the creation process and for the use of knowledge by managers and organizations.
  • The second part focuses on research perspectives and on methodology.
  • The third part presents the syntheses of five doctoral research projects carried out by doctoral students of the Business Science Institute.

Livre - Création de connaissance par les managers

This book is the logical extension of the BSI program, which trains doctors in Business Administration (Executive DBA). It initiates a debate around the development and increase of knowledge creation by researcher-managers. The theses produced in the program are unique, because they confront a body of knowledge created via personal experience to one found in the theories of management science.

With contributions by: Cédric Baudet, Paul Beaulieu, Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Michelle Bergadàa, Marc Bonnet, Younès Boughzala, Philippe Byosiere, Françoise Chevalier, L. Martin Cloutier, Bruno Dufour, Marc Favier, Fréderic Favre, Hédi Guelmami, Birahim Gueye, Michel Kalika, Eric Lamarque, Christian Le Bas, Jean-Fabrice Lebraty, Sébastien Liarte, Denise J. Luethge, Daniel Maltais,Charles Martinet, Bachir Mazouz, Jean Moscarola, Vincent Mottet, Yvon Pesqueux, Nicolas Poussing, Maurice Thévenet, Gabriel Tremblay, Alain Vas, Isabelle Walsh.


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« La création de connaissance par les managers »
Collection Business Science Institute, Editions Management et Société (EMS). Available on September 24.

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