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Archive for January 2015

The IAE of Grenoble is accumulating assets: being a school that dialogues with businesses to permanently offer teaching adapted to management careers, which selects its students and implements active teaching; being a Ecole a l’Universite, a form of rigor and quality assurance provided by professor-researcher doctors in their discipline and guest speakers with renowned talent.

Another asset is its affiliation with the national IAE network: with 31 institutes, 500 state diplomas in business administration, and 35 000 students, the IAEs are the primary places for management teaching and research in France, and the network encourages continuous improvement of the quality of the training.

Another important asset is the Grenoblois conglomeration, a competitive cluster that is booming in the fields of physics, nuclear energy, construction materials, electronics, computer science, biology, and micro and nanotechnologies: Grenoble is home to 220 renowned laboratories and 21000 research jobs.

The IAE is more particularly associated with the worldwide competitive cluster Minalogic (Micro Nanotechnologies et Logiciel Grenoble-Isère Compétitivité), the international center for chip technologies which gives a competitive advantage to training, research, and industry via the expertise in miniaturization, intelligence, and connectivity developed in Grenoble and the Rhône-Alpes.

The final asset is the area: Grenoble, the city in the mountains, is nestled in the middle of three mountain ranges: Chartreuse, Belledonne, and Vercors, with several national regional parks at its gates, such as Oisans, Ecrins, and Tarentaise.

Christian Defélix,
Director of the IAE.

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