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Archive for May 2014

The 12th CIGREF-AIM award was given to I. Walsh, A. Renaud, and M. Kalika, authors of the article “The Translated Strategic Alignment Model: A Practice-Based Perspective”, which appeared in the journal SIM, Vol. 18, No. 2 (2013). The award was presented by Georges Epinette, CIO of Mousquetaires-Intermarché, on May 20, 2014, at the 19th AIM colloquium gala dinner in Aix en Provence.

CIGREF is an organization consisting of over 130 big French businesses and organizations from all business sectors (banking, insurance, energy, distribution, industry, services…). Its mission is to “promote digital culture as a source of innovation and performance.”

Created in 2003, the CIGREF-AIM award, which rewards the best article in SIM each year, demonstrates CIGREF’s support for and commitment to research, but also underlines the importance of the researchers’ managers’ opinions. This perspective perfectly matches that of the Business Science Institute’s Business Administration Doctorate program.

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“Knowledge society”: tired cliché or genuine issue? Who is involved? Who are the key players considered to be in this context? What is the role of managers in creating knowledge? Are the managers “consumers” of knowledge or do they see themselves as “creators” of knowledge? What is their understanding of “knowledge creation”? What place does technology have in communication?...

The Business Science Institute and its partner SPHINX have released a questionnaire offering the opportunity for community reflection on changes in organizations, management methods, career developments, training, and research management.

Fill out the questionnaire yourself and come back soon for the results.

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