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Marc Bonnet

Marc Bonnet


Marc Bonnet is the Assistant Director of the ISEOR, a management and managerial sciences research center that serves businesses and organizations, where he is in charge of the English-speaking team. He is also a Professor of Managerial Sciences at the IAE of Lyon - Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, where he teaches socio-economic management. He is the author of numerous articles that have appeared in leading academic journals, and most notably published “Management socio-économique : une approche innovante” in éditions Dunod ion 2009 (with V. Zardet and H. Savall). Among his latest contributions: "Développer la croissance de l'entreprise par une démarche socio-économique endogène" in La démarche stratégique - Entreprendre et croître (edited by K. Richome-Huet, G. Gieu, and G. Paché), published by Presses Universitaires in 2012.

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