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Professors Executive DBA/Bérangère Deschamps

Bérangère Deschamps



Bérangère Deschamps is Professor in Management at the University of Paris 8 Vincennes - St Denis and researcher at the LED. In 2014, she received her habilitation (a Research Supervision certification) to supervise research on the subject of business transfers.

She is the author of fifteen articles in scientific journals and of a dozen book chapters. In 2000, her doctoral dissertation examined a specific type of transfer: the external take over process in a purchased company. She is the author, with Robert Paturel, of the publication reprendre une entreprise saine ou en difficultés [taking over a company, whether functioning or facing difficulties], Dunod editions (2001, 2005, 2009). In 2001 she coordinated a book with Louise Cadieux, collecting the transferor and the transferee’s views of on each step of the transfer process: Le duo cédant-repreneur, pour une compréhension intégrée de la transmission-reprise des PME [The seller-buyer duet, for an comprehensive understanding of transfers and acquisitions of SMEs], published by the University of Quebec Press.

Since 2010, she has collaborated with Luis Cisnéros of HEC Montreal on family transfers among siblings. Board member of AIREPME (an international research association in entrepreneurship and SMEs), she also serves as a referee for 7 professional journals and is on the scientific committee of the RIPME (international journal for research about SMEs).

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