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Executive DBA/The Thesis/The defense of the thesis

The defense of the thesis

The defense of the Executive DBA thesis occurs after the student has received the written authorization of the scientific committee and a report from their directing professor.


  1. Defense end of September / beginning of October, year n
  2. Agreement and reports by the 2 reporters end of August, year n
  3. Reception of the final document by BSI: July 15th year n
  4. BSI Scientific Advisor’s agreement: end of June, year n
  5. Reception of the thesis by BSI: beginning of June, year n
  6. Thesis Director’s agreement: end of May, year n
  7. Pre-defense: last follow-up seminar before the defense, during year n
  8. Follow-up seminars: year n-1
  9. Beginning of the thesis: year n-2
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