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How the Executive DBA creates business value

Contrary to popular belief, the Executive DBA can create considerable value for businesses. In fact, over the course of the program’s two years, managers conduct research that, in the majority of cases, focuses directly on their respective companies. Businesses thus benefit from revealing research led by managers who are themselves molded by the quality supervision of an international faculty. Managers enrolled in the program can in turn produce innovative ideas, as well as analytical tools and frameworks that they would have otherwise not had the opportunity to develop in the context of their work. This unique research-action position is comparable to the mission of a consultant, benefiting from conceptual perspective.

Moreover, the program takes place over the course of five, three-day weekends during its first year, and is thus entirely compatible with professional activity.

It is for these reasons that many of the managers enrolled in the Executive DBA program are financed by their companies.

For an example of the value that the Executive DBA can bring to a company, see the following article, published le Magazine on July 15th, 2013 (See press)

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