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EBDA Students/Yacouba Diallo

Yacouba Diallo

Yacouba Diallo has a degree in Sociology from the University of Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso. He received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Université Internationale- Groupe Hautes Etudes Commerciales et Informatiques (HECI), a Master in International Trade and Global Marketing from EENI GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, SL. Tarragona (Spain) and Ouaga2 University (Burkina Faso), as well as a Diploma of Specialized Higher Education (DESS) in Management of Microenterprises from the International Center for Applied Higher Education (CIESA), Edmundston, New Brunswick (Canada).

Mr. Diallo has a diverse professional experience of over 20 years in the implementation of rural and agricultural development projects and programs, the last 15 years of which have been devoted to advisory support, promotion of private and public investment in the development of agricultural entrepreneurship. After a experience working in his native country, Burkina Faso, he began a career at the regional level. Working in Mali since July 2016, he currently holds the position of Director of Value Chain Competitiveness within the framework of the Feed the Future Project - USAID cereals Value Chain, having spent more than three years in the West and Central African Council For Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF / WECRAD) in Dakar, Senegal, where he held the position of expert in Agribusiness and Marketing.

In January 2015, Yacouba Diallo became part of the Executive DBA program of BSI and IAE of Lyon, at the Dakar-CESAG Center. He is working on the problem of integrating SMEs into the international market and his research looks at the business model of SMEs in the export of fresh mangoes from Burkina Faso and the integration into the European market.

For Yacouba Diallo, the DBA enrollment has a twofold purpose: (i) to enhance the experience he has gained by transforming it into knowledge, which is keeping in line with BSI's slogan, (ii) to enhance the DBA in the context of his professional career.


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