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Application/Submit your application

Submit your application

The online application includes the following documents:

 Your application must be COMPLETE.  Check that each file follows this pattern: name_number_name of the file_group

For EXAMPLE: gordon_1_application form_Luxembourg3, and so on.

  • 1 - Completed application form
  • 2 - A detailed cv
  • 3 - A digital photograph
  • 4 - Highest diploma or certificate received (only one)
  • 5 -  A copy of your passport
  • 6 - Transcripts from your MBA (or equivalent)
  • 7 - Proposed (not final) thesis subject** for your Executive DBA (between 3 and 5 pages)
  • 8 - Cover letter
  • 9 - Employer’s certificate
  • 10 - IAE Application file (filled/signed – please insert photo)
  • 11 - Copy of €100 application fee swift
    • in case of acceptation, the application fee are due per session. Should you report your application to another session, you will have to pay another €100 application fee.

Payment of the €100 application fee:
The application fee can be paid by bank transfer or with PayPal (secured payment).

Once your payment has been carried out, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal.

**For your information, the DBA thesis project proposal, which must be included in the application, may include:

  1. - The title of the research project
  2. - The planned area of research
  3. - The managerial interest of the research topic for the candidate
  4. - The importance and relevance of the DBA thesis project
  5. - The a list of works pertaining to the topic
  6. - The proposed research methodology, specifying how the candidate will gain access to the field
  7. - The bibliography of texts already read.

You must indicate on the first page : your firstname and name; the group (Paris, Dakar...) ; the cohort number; and the title as well as the date.

Annual International BSI Week

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