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Application/The costs of the Executive DBA program

The costs of the Executive DBA program

  • Application fee: € 100

The cost of the Executive DBA program amounts to 20 933 € (21 933 € starting December 1st):

  • Business Science Institute: 16.100 €.
  • University of Technology Sydney Business School: 1.500 € (paid to BSI, then transferred to UTS for the Certificate of Research in Business Administration).
  • IAE Lyon: 3.333 € (paid to BSI, then transferred to IAE Lyon).

The tuition deadlines are as follows:

  • First payment of   10.000 €, 1 month before the beginning of the cursus
  • Second payment of 3.645 €, 3 months after the beginning of the cursus
  • Third payment of    3.645 €, 6 months after the beginning of the cursus
  • Fourth payment of  3.643 €, at the beginning of second year.

These fees may be higher in some regions where the program incurs local taxes or other extra charges.


These fees cover the following:

  • In-person seminars,
  • Individualized instruction/supervision from a professor, being the thesis director,
  • Instruction given in seminars by visiting professors,
  • Access to the pedagogical intranet,
  • A personal pedagogical kit of academic resources.


These fees do not cover:

  • Dining expenses incurred during seminars (breaks and meals),
  • Transportation to go to the seminars,
  • Accomodation during the seminars,
  • External copy-editing services,
  • Fees incurred by the eventual publication the Executive DBA thesis.


Campuses of the Executive DBA